August 31, 2008

Hillary can’t even win for losing.

In just her second appearance on the campaign trail with John McCain, newly-minted GOP running mate Sarah Palin was showered with boos on Saturday for attempting to praise Clinton’s trail-blazing bid to become the first female president.

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Sally makes this comment on the CNN site:

Booing Hillary? They must not of gotten the memo. The whole point of McCain’s gimmicky pick of an unqualified VP is supposed to be to pander to Hillary voters. Well, at least he still has the looney fringe of his party to pander to.

I guess I can see someone trying to make the argument that the Palin pick was a gimmick, but knocking Palin as inexperienced is wonderfully indicative of the denial and reeling that the Left is experiencing by McCain’s pick. Question for Sally; does it feel at all akward supporting Obama by calling his opponent inexperienced? It should.

The other interesting component that Sally’s comment highlights is the fact that Obama is being compared to Palin on the experience question. Do you follow me? The Democrat Presidential nomonee is being stacked against the Republican Vice Presidential pick. Gimmick or not, Obama must thate that, and McCain must love it.

As to the booing…Perhaps that is an indication of how high Hillary’s negatives are in most social settings outside of the Liberal bubble (and her negatives are pretty high in the bubble too). My guess is that had she been praising Condi Rice, there would have been nothing but cheers. That’s because it isn’t about the genitals of the candidate. It’s about the character, something Hillary is lacking.

That being said, they should not have booed. I would like to see everyone be better sports when it comes to such matters.

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2 Responses to NO LOVE FOR HILLARY

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  2. Pug on August 31, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    does it feel at all akward supporting Obama by calling his opponent inexperienced?</i?

    Conversely, does it feel a little awkward supporting McCain when his entire campaign has been that Obama isn’t ready and he then picks someone even less ready? It should.

    Kind of shoots his whole argument full of holes, does it not?

    Furthermore, Obama wasn’t picked for his position. He won it at the ballot box.


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