A Few Protest Photos (More Coming Soon)

September 6, 2008

This almost falls under housekeeping at this point, but below are some of the photos that we snapped from inside the protests in St. Paul, on the final day of the Republican Convention.

We have many more images than we can post here, but over the next couple of weeks or so, we will compile all of the images we collected from the protests in both Denver and St. Paul into some kind of album that is easier to navigate. For now, enjoy these:

IMG_4496 by you.

IMG_4490 by you.

IMG_4236 by you.

IMG_4339 by you.

IMG_4326 by you.

IMG_4298 by you.

IMG_4670 by you.

IMG_4605 by you.

IMG_4628 by you.

IMG_4642 by you.

IMG_4598 by you.

IMG_4585 by you.

IMG_4278 by you.

IMG_4293 by you.

IMG_4676 by you.

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