Before The One, There Was The Donald

September 30, 2008

Love him or hate him, he might have a point.

TRUMP: Well, I think there is always a silver lining, and the beautiful silver lining to this is that oil is going to drop down to nothing, it’s about time. And there is nothing OPEC can do about it. And they’re taking tremendous losses like everybody else. And I love the fact that it is almost a cleansing action. – Donald Trump Sees Silver Lining in Failure of Bailout Bill – Neil Cavuto | Your World.

If Nancy Pelosi is right (not the way she thinks), and the party really is over, our enemies who survive on us like parasites are doomed. Oil money for the Jihad? Gone. Oil money for Putin’s new iron curtain? Gone.

Of course if true, to some degree, our allies can expect less economic and military largess from the US in the future. I wonder if that factors in to Israel’s calculations as they decide what to do about their neo-fascist enemies.

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