Obama and Pelosi – Country Last!

September 29, 2008

Did Nancy Pelosi  just make the single worst political mistake of her life? For some reason, Pelosi never had House Whip Jim Clyburn line up the votes needed to pass the emergency asset nationalization bill, and Obama never offered his support of the bill in an effort to get more Democrats to vote yes. Between them, they could have delivered the votes, but deliberately chose not to. Why?

John Hinderaker suggests that the Democrat strategy was to try and get the bill passed with enough Republican votes to provide political cover for Democrats that couldn’t vote yes because they are facing tough elections. And it gets even worse:

This is a classic Charlie Brown and the football maneuver. Pelosi gives a speech that frames the issue, falsely, as the result of bad Republican policies, then allows her own threatened representatives to do the popular thing while expecting Republicans to take one for the team by casting an unpopular vote. Which, of course, their Democratic opponents would use against them, thereby increasing the Democratic majority in the House.

Power Line

If true, they politicized the bailout by gambling for a larger majority in the next election. Nice going Dems! At a way to put Country First.

For a completely different take on the partisan failure of the Democratic leadership, give this NYT story a read. In the second to last paragraph of the “report” is the following editorial statement that must have slipped past the multiple layers of editors:

Both parties agreed the bailout would easily pass in the Democratic-controlled Senate, with support from most of the Republicans there. So the House Republicans made the difference. Their mutiny captured just how much the Republican Party has changed from its 19th-century roots as the party of business and economic stewardship.


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