Obama To The Rescue

September 30, 2008

Obama is proposing a change to the Asset Nationalization bill that failed in the house yesterday. I leave it to others to decide if the suggestion he is making is a good one, but I sure do wish ANY reporter assigned to his campaign would muster up the testicular (or ovarian) fortitude to get next to the One, or a spokesperson, and ask what Obama thinks about the provisions that were in the bill for ACORN. Would he support putting them back in? Obama has been outed as an instrumental supporter of a group that he helped train to shakedown banks, and not one person on Obama’s aircraft can find a way to ask about it?

Obama pitches plan to amend bailout bill

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) on Tuesday proposed to increase the bank deposit insurance limit, hoping that the move could help get a Wall Street bailout passed.



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