This Should Run In Missouri

October 5, 2008

Via Gateway Pundit this video shows Barack bragging about his role in the Marxist, Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

It would be interesting to see this video run in Missouri so that the Obama Truth Squad is forced to act. If they do nothing, they are tacitly admitting that nothing in the video is misleading. If they do press charges, then they would all be forced through what I am certain would be a very unpleasant discovery process.

Huh, dealing with Obama and his speech police is a little like the way people fight back against the likes of CAIR in the face of their lawsuit threats. Interesting.

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2 Responses to This Should Run In Missouri

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  2. Teresa Cozzo on October 6, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    When will this interesting piece of information be aired on cable television. It’s too important to just keep online.


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