(Video) Barack Obama Slams Government During 2006 Kenya Visit

October 12, 2008

When Senator Barack Obama traveled to Kenya in 2006, he took a film crew with him. Below is a clip that they produced from that visit.

In the clip (3:35), Barack criticizes the corruption and lack of transparency of the Kenyan government.

Quotes from Barack and Michelle Obama from an article that accompanied the video:

Long before the Dec. 27, 2007, presidential elections that led to bloodshed, he warned: “Corruption erodes the state from the inside, sickening the justice system until there’s no justice to be found, poisoning the police forces.”
“I hope the people of Kenya will see us role models,” says Michelle Obama.

Now I could use an education in diplomacy, and the nature of the US position on Kenya, but doesn’t it seem strange that a sitting US Senator would travel on a diplomatic mission to a country, and then criticize the government that is hosting them while they are on that country’s soil?

I know that happens here all of the time, but aren’t we supposed to be above that kind of tactlessness?

The problem with doing this is that it can be construed as an endorsement for an opposition candidate. Is that what he was looking to do?


Here is some more video from his Kenya trip. Keep in mind that Obama hired this crew, so when the video starts showing clips of people fawning over how great Obama is, it gets a little nauseating. Pay special attention to 4:18 in the video, where they edit in a clip of a young woman saying that Barack is a Kenyan. Given that Barack has specifically denied this, I find it interesting that it was left in the video.

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