America Wins The War Front!

November 22, 2008

VID by you.

People are beginning to celebrate the undeniable victory that is the Iraq front of the war against crusading jihadis.

People should be careful though because at one time we felt victorious in Afghanistan and now the failures of NATO have turned that victory into potential failure. A very similar thing could happen in Iraq too.

To the American left: Most of us are convinced that many among you will either deny the victory, or secretly feel sad that we won. Please take this opportunity to set aside your partisan impulses, and in this moment be proud of your country. The world (and most importantly America) is better off without Saddam and the jihadis who found shelter under his dictatorship. Deposing and confronting this real threat was done at great sacrifice in blood and treasure, and by almost every measure it was worth it. We should all respect and honor the unquantifiable debt we owe our heroes. Show us you are patriots first, much like many conservatives did on election night when they recognized and took some pride in the historic achievement of America electing an African American.

ALSO ON THIS DATE: President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

Update: Gateway Pundit much much more on the charting of success in Iraq

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