How To Bail Out EVERY Working American

November 20, 2008

If this Congress is truly interested in healing our markets and saving the economy, there is one bailout they should consider implementing immediately that would be of almost instant benefit to all Americans. Scale back on ALL federal personal and corporate taxes. Roll back the payroll taxes especially, because almost every working American would begin to feel that difference in approximately 2 weeks.

That level of capital injected into the system will set off a wave of spending and investment that would dwarf even the most successful periods of growth seen in the past.

Of course, curtailing the number of dollars flowing into Washington’s coffers would require our representatives to cut back on a few programs that fall outside of the constitutionally vested responsibilities for which they are charged.

That means that THEY would need to sacrifice some of their fiefdoms of regulation and legislation, for the larger goal of rescuing a free America from economic and social ruin. Unfortunately, they derive their power from the regulatory mechanisms under their purview and thus have no intention of ever sacrificing a single ounce of power to save America.

Instead our representatives demand that we pay ever higher taxes so that they can use the money to buy whole industries, and pocket the profit (if any) for the benefit of what they regard as their own personal treasury.

Do they plan to send potential profits back to the taxpayers? Nope. They plan to use the money to fund an ever growing central government that will dwarf the size of the current federal behemoth, and thus to grow their own influence.

In short, our elected representatives are appropriating our resources to finance their past and future socialist progressive programs from which they derive their power.

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Jon David Kahn “American Heart”