McCain’s Post Election Failure

November 9, 2008

Andy McCarthy poses the following question:

“Sen. McCain did not allow a nanosecond to go buy without issuing a sanctimonious, full-throated condemnation of any Republican who dared use Sen. Obama’s middle name, mention Jeremiah Wright, or otherwise trash The One. So where is the vigorous defense of his running-mate?

I agree. Why is he not telling his ex-staff to stop blaming Palin for how much they sucked and failed? Could it be that McCain blames Sarah too? Does he not realize that Sarah was the only thing that prevented a Reagan style landslide for his Messiahness?

Disgraceful. I am by no means glad that a progressive-socialist-democrat is the president, but I am almost glad that these petty and moronic Republicans were not rewarded with power. Too bad they couldn’t both lose.

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