Video – Political Correctness Vs. Freedom Of Thought

December 22, 2008


Political Correctness Vs. Freedom Of Thought – The Keith John Sampson Story

For those of you that follow these things, you might remember the story of Keith John Sampson, the college student who was branded a racist by the PC police on his campus, for doing nothing more than silently reading a book on his work break.

Keith’s African American co-workers filed racial harassment charges against him after they saw him reading a book entitled “Notre Dame vs. The Klan”. It seems that they felt the images of the Klan on the cover of the book were racist, and that Keith was harassing them by reading the book in their presence.

Despite the fact that the book was an anti-Klan book (not that it should matter) IUPUI found him guilty of racial harassment, and instructed him not to read the offending book again!

A finding of racial harassment is no small matter.  Once that is in a student-employee’s permanent record, it can follow them around forever.  Even though Keith was completely exonerated of any wrong doing and the university apologized to him, that is small consolation considering a Google search of his name immediately returns links to this whole sordid mess.  Certainly more than one of Keith’s future employers might take the time to perform a Google search. That should make for some interesting job interviews.

Over the last several months, I was lucky enough to meet with many of the main characters of this scholastic melodrama, and this video is the result of our conversations. Hopefully in some small way, this video will help repair the damage IUPUI has done to Keith John Sampson’s reputation, as well as raise awareness of this all too common phenomenon being reported on college campuses nation wide.


Thank you to the many bloggers who have linked here and/or embedded the video on their websites, giving Keith’s story a very large audience. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. There are too many to name, but I would like to mention a few specifically that have been especially generous with their pixels, Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, and Gateway Pundit. You continue to be my new media heroes and I am proud to play on the same playground where your sandbox resides.

Also, I want to thank the people who have written to make me aware of a typo in the video. I will fix it as soon as possible. That would be the blogosphere’s layers of fact checking in action.

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57 Responses to Video – Political Correctness Vs. Freedom Of Thought

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  2. James west on April 29, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    The funny part is that the black lady, who made the complaint, was illiterate. Is this lady taking remedial reading in collage? I heard that there is a remedial reading program for blacks at Harvard.

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  4. Steve Foster on August 6, 2009 at 1:35 am

    If someone gets offended by something I read, it’s on them, not my problem. You want to bring me up to some PC kangaroo court & tell me I offended by my reading a book, now there’s a problem.
    I’m glad Mr. Sampson found people to help him. I probably would of walked into the court, flipped everyone off then started kicking people’s asses!
    BTW the earlier post that said the 1st amendment mattered most, while all of the Bill of Rights are of most importance, the 2nd Amendment garuntees all the rest. Without the 2nd Amendment all the others are just words on paper.
    As far as the AAO “judge” that was promoted, what else would/should you expect. Afterall, the man that was in charge @ Waco was, after gassing then frying the Branch Davidians, was promoted to the number 2 man in the FBI.
    All the Davidians had a right to a trial & to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The government did the same things the Nazis did to the jews! No one was even fired for that, muchless AG Reno should of been thrown under the jail not just in it!

  5. DKWinkler on October 20, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    This happened in 2008. It is now 2009. The black co-worker criticizes the man for reading a book without knowing all the facts. He ultimately is considered a racist. Today if anyone criticizes the plan(s) of the current administration in Washington DC, he/she is called a racist. Go Figure. Logic thinking is not available in certain people’s minds, rather they believe their emotional reactions are justified.

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  7. Ben on March 31, 2010 at 4:34 am

    The “Peter Principle” seems to rule on campus as it relates to the caliber of staff at the university…

    What a tragedy for the students who study there, paying good money for a first rate education, only to see this sort of nonsense going on. It is a double tragedy that they sometimes are victimized by it. There should never be any administrative or disciplinary process in any school or institution of higher learning that can’t be appealed to some higher authority to avoid this sort of “Star Chamber” situation in the future. Seems to be the sort of common sense approach that should have existed from the start.


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