(Video) Move America Forward Confronts Terrorist Bill Ayres

January 29, 2009

[via Gateway Pundit] Here is a fantastic video report from Jane Tyska about Bill Ayres recent speaking engagement at St. Mary’s College in California, and the Move America Forward protest that ensued.

A couple of things that are notable:

1) Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres claims that the Palin-McCain campaign made him out to be an America hating violent man, when in fact he is but a simple teacher who was very active against the Vietnam war and now against the war to defeat Jihad.

2) Unfortunately, people disrupted the event, giving the terrorist/simple teacher a taste of the lefts’ own fascist medicine. This is a case, though, where disruption is not worth the spectacle. Using the despicable tactic of disruption only serves to validate it as an acceptable form of speech/protest. It is not.

3) 18 year old student Taylor Balian is so open minded that her brain is falling out. She correctly rejects the people who disrupted the event, but she mistakenly thinks that entertaining the machinations of a terrorist/simple teacher can be anything other than a forensic examination of the mental illness of a red collar psychopath. The only academic groups that Bill Ayres should be speaking to are sociologists and psychiatrists.

Some of the money quotes:

:30 seconds  -  “He has the right to free speech, he doesn’t have a right to paid speech”

1:57 – “Bullshit! Keep your hands off of me. You asshole! Go to hell.”

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2 Responses to (Video) Move America Forward Confronts Terrorist Bill Ayres

  1. Daniel Haverty on January 29, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Taylor is a respectable student that you don’t know and I do. So before you go ragging on more college students who want to hear about educational reform, keep your immature comments to yourself. Why things got out of hand last night was because the protesters physically and verbally assaulted some of us students here because we were trying to listen to the man speak.

    On the terrorist note: Every citizen has the right to bear arms against it’s government when the goverment is being corrupt or unjust. He fought the government over the Vietnam war and he fought like a Patriot in the American Revolution.

  2. Bill Ayers: Beloved Martyr on January 30, 2009 at 11:10 am

    [...] from being turned away at the Canadian border, catches a brief glimpse of the other side of the "free speech" and "protest" [...]


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