Tribune Company Carries Water For Louis Farrakhan

March 29, 2009

Chicago Breaking News is running a post that unquestioningly carries Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s call for peace in Chicago’s murder soaked communities.

Rev. Louis Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam attended services today at the Greater Institutional Methodist Episcopal Church in Chicago prior to his speech on stopping neighborhood violence.

Farrakhan spoke today about the violence that has taken the lives of several youths in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. He said if young people would see each other as brothers and sisters, they would not feel the need to use a gun against each other.

The minister also called on all communities to work together to end the spike in violence.

You’ll forgive us if we treat the militant islamist with a touch more skepticism than the reporters and editors of the Tribune Company. We can only assume that they have never seen the videos below of Lou’s very own fascist youth brigades, for if they had, surly they would not allow themselves to be his unquestioning propaganda mouthpiece. Right?

At 1:30 the Muslim Youth begin sounding off about killing whitey, and the crowd goes wild!

Here is another one. At 1:50 these Muslim Americans shout “We’re going to make war for Elijah, in our nation!” And the crowd goes wild!

On one hand, Louis call for peace, and on the other hand, Louis radicalizes kids into paramilitary Muslim fascists. It is pretty hard to square these two messages.


Nation Of Islam Fascism On The March “We’re going to make war for Elijah, in our nation!”

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One Response to Tribune Company Carries Water For Louis Farrakhan

  1. Michael Wilson on April 3, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    The Nation of Islam has had the Fruit of Islam before Minister Farrakhan joined the Nation Of Islam in 1955. The Military component of the Nation of Islam was started by none other than Master Fard Muhammad. Master Fard Muhammad is the one who taught us that white people were devils, not Minister Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan has taught his followers to no longer call white people devils. His objective is to go after the maker of Devils which is Satin himself.

    Now, back to the military structure of the Nation of Islam. In order to protect something you value you have to have a military. The Nation of Islam is a Nation – not a club, cult, etc. Italy is a Nation and has an Army. Germany is a Nation and has an Army. America is a Nation and has an Army. The Nation of Islam is a Nation and we have an Army. We are a Nation is the midst of a Nation. We were stolen – don’t forget! We are promised our own Land. So were are just practicing to qualify ourselves to maintain and defend our Nation when we get land.

    Hopefully, you will do more investigating to verify what I have stated.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”