Tea Barty (And After Barty Images – UPDATED)

April 10, 2009

[via LGF] Note for those planning Tea Parties: Don’t meet in a bar.

This is some really deranged stuff, and the audience is eating it up.
And notice the comment about evolution at about 5:00: [Watch the video here]

And another thing….While it is laughably and painfully useless political Kabuki theater to hold breakout sessions with congressmen and experts to solve the worlds problems in 3-4 hours, that (or any) structure might be pretty useful when gathering in a non-rally, meet-up. Or was this supposed to be a rally? What was this supposed to be anyway?

Were they at least getting people’s email addresses and phone numbers for future text message updates?

Grass roots does not have to mean total disarray. In fact, as the left taught the right in ’08, the opposite is true. Although in this case, as the clip linked above unintentionally illustrates, this is shaping as a left vs. non-left fight. Forging a coalition of the Libertarians, Constitutional Partiers, Conservatives, other Republicans etc…is going to require more organization than perhaps even the left achieved in ’08, if it is possible at all.

Below are images from the After Barty. It isn’t pretty.

By popular request, the After Barty images have been taken down from the front page. (Apparently they were triggering gag reflexes.)

You can view them by clicking here, here, and here.

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3 Responses to Tea Barty (And After Barty Images – UPDATED)

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  2. Jules on April 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    This is just too painful to watch…..

    I feel like a gal without a party. Demonized by my liberal ‘friends’ for my conservative views: but too rational and moderate for the Republican Party that can’t seem to focus on anything other than the terrible liberals.

    I’m sick of abortion and gay marriage being the focus of national politics…a smoke screen to keep people from focusing on what is really going on behind the scenes. In the meantime–we’re drowning in socialist policies–even at the hand of our own party.

    I’m hard working, self-reliant, fiscally conservative, and believe in 100% personal accountability. Someone PLEASE tell me there is a party out there for me. That there is hope for those of us that are tired of all this nonsense. PLEASE tell me there is still a place for me in this world and that it will not be necessary for me to just forgo the principals I was raised with and resign myself to the fact that my America has become just another socialist country. This makes me want to weep. It’s just too sad to take in.

  3. Tony on April 13, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    Check out Glenn Beck’s website. There is a transcript of him and Stu talking abou the video in question. I’m going to give the 9/12 movement a little credit and say that this video isn’t everything it appears to be.


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