(VIDEO) Bernie Sanders Flashback – “[Socialism] Means Democracy, Frankly”

June 3, 2009

Gateway Pundit is running video of Bernie Sanders appearing on Fox News to discuss the partisan nature of the coming socialized health care legislation.

Megyn Kelly Shouts Down Bernie Sanders On Dem-Only Nationalized Health Care Plan (Video)

Fox’s spin on Bernie’s appearance is that he was the only “Independent” non-Democrat in a recent meeting, reflecting a profoundly partisan process despite President Obama’s pledge to the contrary. (As if there is a non-partisan way to impose socialized medicine)

The rather neutral identification of Bernie Sanders as a mere Independent requires a flashback to some video, and a couple of our earlier post about this self-described Socialist.

The Tides Of Socialism Are Upon Us

The Congressional Progressive Caucus was founded in 1991 by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He is labeled an independent, but is a self proclaimed Socialist, and member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Senator Sanders has been honored by the DSA, and he has spoken at their functions.

In fact, the relationship between DSA and Senator Sanders is so strong that when Sanders launched the Congressional Progressive Caucus, his website for the organization existed as a section of the DSA website!

Obama’s First 100 Days: Medical Coverage For All

Bernie and his group of progressive friends in Congress are already working on a program for first 100 days of 2009: medical coverage for all, reduction in military spending, reform of trade agreements, and the end of the war in Iraq I told Barack Obama not to worry for its first three months, we have already prepared the ground for him, said Bernie.

VIDEO Of Obama Stumping For Vermont’s Self Described Socialist

U.S. Needs A Political Revolution
by Bernie Sanders
Friday, August 17, 2001

In the midst of the summer congressional recess, Congressman Bernie Sanders asserted today that the United States needs nothing less than a political revolution that will revitalize American democracy and move the country toward social justice.

All you have to do to that statement is change justice to -ism. And just how do we achieve this social justicism? Why, by redistributing wealth of course!

Americans mustĀ  all AmericansĀ  enjoy a decent standard of living, rather than having, as at present, the most unfair distribution of wealth and income of any major nation. It is time for political revolution to revitalize American democracy and move the country toward social justice.

Here is what Bernie had to say about Socialism to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now:

REP. BERNIE SANDERS: …But for working people, we’ve got to come together, healthcare for all, stop our disastrous trade policies, make sure all of our kids through college get the education that they need. On those issues, I think we can bring people together.

AMY GOODMAN: And if people ask, What do you mean, socialist? what would you say?

REP. BERNIE SANDERS: Well, I think it means the government has got to play a very important role in making sure that as a right of citizenship, all of our people have healthcare; that as a right, all of our kids, regardless of income, have quality childcare, are able to go to college without going deeply into debt; that it means we do not allow large corporations and moneyed interests to destroy our environment; that we create a government in which it is not dominated by big money interest. I mean, to me, it means democracy, frankly. That’s all it means.

Got that? According to Bernie Sanders Socialism means Democracy! No wonder President Obama campaigned for him.

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2 Responses to (VIDEO) Bernie Sanders Flashback – “[Socialism] Means Democracy, Frankly”

  1. mcnorman on June 3, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    OMG, Bernie Sanders sat in the back of the classroom during political science class if he doesn’t know the difference.

  2. Dr. Jans Pacebags, esq. on June 3, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    the thing about politicians is that extremely few of them are experts in anything other than politics.

    God help them (& us, especially), they know not what they say or do….


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