July 27, 2009

LGF got a mention in the Wall Street Journal today in a book review about blogging, entitled Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg:

Mr. ­Rosenberg, a ­former print ­journalist who ­co-founded and served as ­managing editor of ­Salon.com—and who blogs at wordyard.com—is unshy about his ­enthusiasm for ­blogging. He ­celebrates its earliest ­practitioners for creating communities and making it easy for the ­technically inept to share their thoughts. He hails their descendants, too, ­including the ­political bloggers on the left (Talking Points Memo) and right (Little Green Footballs, ­PowerLine) who claimed the scalps of Attorney General Alberto ­Gonzales and Dan Rather. [READ MORE]

And on Charles’ blog today, he is deservedly eviscerating the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorists in the Republican party.

Birthers on the Hill

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your elected Republican officials. Only one, Trent Frank (R-Arizona), issues an unequivocal denunciation of the Birth Certificate loons. Most of the others avoid the question, and one or two seem to be Nirthers themselves.


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