Obama’s Takeover Of Philanthropy

July 31, 2009

Not content with the banks, and car companies, and insurance industry, President Barack Obama is nationalizing the philanthropy industry too.

Unfortunately, the philanthropy industry seems all too willing to accept the warm embrace of the nanny state.

These philanthropists turned government activists were eager to rewrite the Title I funding formula and to lobby the administration for more money for rural broadband. One presenter urged the group to advocate for a national energy policy that takes into consideration social, environmental as well as economic impacts. Another group recommended lobbying Congress and the Agriculture Department to create philanthropic rural-development endowments.

Looks like the administration is beginning to nationalize another sector of the American economy. [READ MORE]

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One Response to Obama’s Takeover Of Philanthropy

  1. watson on August 1, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I am posting this since I believe Washington is too smart to understand good down to earth thinking. The bailouts surely did some good for buying new planes and taking lavish conferences. The everday hard working tax paying American gets what? Oh, I remember, the $12.00 a month in tax breaks. That’s a huge amount of $144.00 a year. Here’s my suggestion:
    Divide the population of America into the proposed 387 billion dollars. You should get approx. $30,000. Give this amount to the people to spend. I know where my money would go. As most everyone, it would be to pay debts. Oh no! this means the money in going back into the economy and I suppose as a dumb thinking tax payer IT MUST BE STIMULATING THE ECONOMY. Gosh I wish Washington really cared about the people,I know they don’t or this would be a program in action now. Actually the money should be given to working tax paying people with proof of a tax filing status.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”