Father Of “Islamic Bomb” Freed In Pakistan

August 31, 2009

Do these things come in threes?

1) The oil for terrorists deal to release Pan Am 103 terrorist

2) The release of AQ Khan from custody in Pakistan

3) ???

In the case of the Pan Am jihadi, Why are people surprised that the UK would do this without telling the Obama administration? This is what it looks like when America betrays an ally.

First President Obama publicly humiliates England in his first interactions with them. Then he steers America in an about face on support for Democracy around the world.

Think about it. While Iran has been scapegoating England for post-election protests in the Jihadi Republic, America has done nothing to support her former ally in Europe.

Considering all the warmth of our decades old strategic partnership, and President Obama’s apparent deliberate decision to destroy that relationship upon entering office, why would an abused England give any deference to the political needs of an abusive American president?


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One Response to Father Of “Islamic Bomb” Freed In Pakistan

  1. FeFe on September 1, 2009 at 3:30 am

    3. Gadaffi coming to America for the first time, and not being restricted to UN.


    1. $900 million to Gaza and they can’t guarantee it wont fall into terrorist hands.


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