Why Does Our Black President Continue A Racist And Classist “War On Drugs”?

August 31, 2009

It isn’t that we think there some kind of organized racist cabal to destroy black and brown families, where evil bureaucrats heartily laugh as their grand designs unfold to fruition. But if the bloody front line of this statist war on drugs was carving its way through the rich white neighborhoods of this country, we can’t help but think people might begin to demand an end to circumstances that are devastating yet another generation of the local population.

Cops: 3 men arrested after stealing drugs from slaying victim

Why would a black president continue a policy that devastates the very neighborhoods he claims to care about? What about other black leaders for that matter?

They would all probably claim that drugs are what destroy the neighborhoods, but we would argue that the current war is far more devastating then the drugs themselves. If this were not true, then these types of slayings would be happening in rich white neighborhoods where they are surely using the same drugs too. Why then is this violence only unfolding in poor minority neighborhoods?

If you want to go completely conspiratorial, you might conclude that there are black leaders out there who like it when a community is devastated and in need of their leadership. You might also argue that there are black leaders out there who like it when their youth are radicalized.

As for the President, we just think he looks at it from a union jobs perspective. He doesn’t want to add to the unemployment lines by throwing the union law enforcement drug warriors out of work.

We just scratch our heads and wonder though, why nobody from inside the devastated neighborhoods demand and end to the war being waged against them.

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2 Responses to Why Does Our Black President Continue A Racist And Classist “War On Drugs”?

  1. Dostadawg on September 1, 2009 at 9:57 am

    War of Drugs is totally the cause of a lot of the conditions in the black community. It disrupts families taking fathers and mothers from their kids and actually gives them a record that can effect them getting jobs or because of stupid drug testing by employers causes parents to lose their job who ends up turning around and getting on welfare or Food Stamps.

    This is strictly a class issue I feel as well. If you are rich regardless of race you get a pass or can get out of it with their lawyer where as a poor guy white or black would probably be sitting in jail longer than the guy next to him for homicide…

  2. Dostadawg on September 1, 2009 at 10:03 am

    I just hope all these libs are moderates remember this during re-election they all thought Obama would make this a rallying issue. Legalizing pot would be a huge jump start to the economy. It would reduce prison crowding which is already a huge problem and it would open new job opportunities for people who could legally cultivate it and it would take the money out of the bad guys hands. It would also free up police from focusing on a very non-violent drug and focus on the hard-core drugs like meth and X and others that are really destroying families and the people that use them.


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