Authentic Blog-Journalism From Kentucky

September 30, 2009

Journalist-Blogger, The Other McCain, is on the road in Manchester, KY, producing his own original blog reporting on the scene of the horrific Bill Sparkman murder.

One of his posts highlights the attempt of one media outlet to smear a private citizen from the local area:

Kelsee Brown, 19, from Corbin, Ky. — then told us an amazing story, explaining how she was misrepresented by another reporter covering the Bill Sparkman story. Here is how that Sept. 24 article portrayed Miss Brown:

Kelsee Brown, a waitress at Huddle House, a 24-hour chain restaurant in Manchester, when asked about the death, said she thinks the government sometimes has the wrong priorities.
“Sometimes I think the government should stick their nose out of people’s business and stick their nose in their business at the same time. They care too much about the wrong things,” she said.

In a brief interview Tuesday night, Miss Brown said that her words were misquoted and her sentiments misconstrued. She said what she was actually trying to tell the reporter — who had asked her what she thought about the Sparkman killing — was something entirely different.

Click here to see her video interview.

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