VIDEO – Obama’s SEIU/ACORN Pitchfork Brigade In Chicago (UPDATED)

October 27, 2009

President Obama’s ACORN/SEIU army has been called into action in Chicago to protest against greedy capitalist bankers.

Don’t expect any sob stories about the angry and un-American nature of these protesters.

In the clip below, the angry mob occupies the lobby of a Chicago hotel, until they are removed by the police.

And below is a clip from earlier in the day. It is kinda psychotic in a cult like sort of way.

Here’s Senator Dick Durbin addressing the crowd the night before the protests:

“We need to ensure that the robber barons that are responsible for this recession don’t get away with creating it and then declaring themselves a dividend,” -Dick Durbin October, 25th 2009

And look…Jesse Jackson attended today’s rally. Now the shakedown can really commence!

Just more pitchfork politics as usual.


Here is Tribune coverage from Chicago Breaking News:

“We are at a crossroads in this country,” said Thomas Balanoff, president of the Service Employees International Union Illinois Council. “There shouldn’t just be recovery at the top, there should be a recovery for everyone. The people are angry and they want the banks to be held accountable.” [READ MORE]

That’s the same Thomas Balanoff who in 2002 was honored by the Democratic Socialists of America at their annual fundraiser dinner (pictured below). The article failed to mention the ACORN-SEIU connection.


FDIC Chair Sheila Bair addressed the SEIU/ACORN crowd:

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