America’s Drone War In Yemen: Al-Jazeera’s Take

December 28, 2009

This fascinating news segment produced by al-Jazeera (aka Jihad TV) highlights how the US drone war in Yemen has inspired a renewed front in the Jihad against America.

This report is interesting because even as it parrots the Jihad narrative, it provides more in depth background information and perspective on American involvement in Yemen than anything we have seen from just about any US “news” outlet.

What a sad comment on the state of US/Western media, that “Jihad TV” is a better source of information pertinent to this aspect of the world war we are engaged in.

Pay special attention to the discussion that unfolds regarding the common interests between Sunni radicals and Shia radicals, who both want to topple the Saudi Royal Family. One implication is that what is really transpiring here is a proxy war between the Saudis and the Iranians.

The larger implication is Yemen is where Sunni radicals and Shia radicals work together against the Saudi Royals and Americans.

Does the Yemeni front of the Jihad wars represent the key to understanding the links between Iran and al-Qaeda? It depends on who you ask, but it sure is beginning to look that way.

The war in Yemen also reveals at least one massive hypocrisy on the Left. For all of their talk about the problem with America being that we do business with evil dictatorships around the world, Democrat controlled America sure does appear to be working side by side with the Saudis to fight on their behalf against a Sunni-Shia Jihad alliance/insurgency. Or, perhaps that’s why the President of the United States shouldn’t be seen bowing to the Saudi King. It makes it that much harder to argue that America isn’t doing the king’s bidding in Yemen.

In reality, we think this all mostly falls under “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In this case, Sunni and Shia terrorists operate as friends (al-Qaeda) against their enemies in the Saudi Royal Family and America, while America operates as friends with Saudi royal family against the Sunni-Shia al-Qaeda factions.

And for all of those Lefties out there who insist that the Sunni and Shia can never work together because they hate each other so much, your theory appears to die with al-Qaeda in Yemen.

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