Illinois Logs More Than 8000 Cases Of Documented Cry Babies

December 29, 2009

Chicago Breaking News is reporting that in 2009, Illinois received more than 8000 complaints about people smoking in violation of the “Smoke Free Illinois Act.”

That’s more than 8000 documented cases of cry babies turning to the Social-Fascist Nanny State for the solutions to everyday problems endemic to human interaction.

8000 documented cases of ruining America.

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One Response to Illinois Logs More Than 8000 Cases Of Documented Cry Babies

  1. Spud on December 31, 2009 at 4:30 am

    Well tbh it depends on where a person smokes, to me. If it’s outside, fine, that usually means I won’t have to put up with it.

    But after living with a parent who smoked a crapload, I really can’t take second hand smoke that well. I choke up, I gag, it’s hard to breathe and I just hold my breath even if I’m about to pass out. Even just the scent can cause me to do this.

    But that is for enclosed spaces like buildings, or rather rooms and diners and etc. If you’re gonna smoke in 4 feet of me in what is clearly a no smoking zone, I will complain to someone… but it wouldn’t be the police it’d probably be someone working at the place.

    Tho tbh it’s not the whiners ruining America. It’s the fact they banned smoking, yet people are still errant drunk drivers. Second Hand smoke may or may not be bad for you, but it isn’t as bad as a drunk driving. They need to stop being pussy foots and get their hands dirty by dealing with real dangers. And cracking down on those.

    Note I’m not saying ‘ban alcohol’ or anything. Just, ban drunk drivers[and hunters].


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