Iranian Police Drive Over People With Trucks!

December 29, 2009

[via Gateway Pundit]

The driver was just in a hurry because he was late for a negotiation with the Obama administration.

We know that’s a glib thing to write in reaction to this horrific video, but it illustrates the absurdity of the notion that there is any negotiation to be had with this regime.

Even us atheist/agnostics in the crowd over here in America are praying for the safety and liberty of the Iranian people.

What should give any decent American a great deal of worry, is the Obama Administration’s willingness to sit down for discussions with a regime that treats its citizens this way, and yet refuses to sit down with a US news organization which is regularly targeted with public hostility and vilification directly from the Executive branch of the Federal Government.

Face it folks, Fox News is no more biased than CNN. No elected administration, be it Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian, should get away with vilifying ANY news organization for political sport. It represents an official government attack on one of America’s most precious freedoms.

Citizens who accept the official government vilification of a news outlet simply because it is convenient to their political beliefs, stand in direct opposition to the spirit of the 1st amendment. Citizens who only support the 1st amendment when it is convenient for them, have a lot more in common with the Mullahs in Iran than they do with the citizens being mowed down in the streets.

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