The Lunatics Of Our Asylum – Westboro Baptist Church And GLSEN

December 7, 2009

Yesterday a reader sent us the video below, and despite the fact that it looks like it was posted to YouTube last year, it is extremely timely in context with the GLSEN/Kevin Jennings controversy that Jim Hoft has been uncovering on Gateway Pundit in recent days.

The GLSEN material is disgusting. On more than one occasion the material smacks of a predatory tendency. For the latest installment of this bad craziness, check out Jim’s latest post on Big Government, FistGate.

We sympathize with the idea of making government operated institutions less of a traumatic experience for kids who discover they are gay at a young age. Kids can be ruthless towards anyone who doesn’t “fit in.” Being labeled gay in school must be nearly completely ostracizing. Even “nerds” sometimes use the term fag in a hazing sort of way.

Compound this with an institutional structure that is widely uncomfortable and resistant to the idea of treating homosexuality as “normal”, probably frequently not mentioning it at all in biology or human sexuality classes.

When the social structure and the institutional structure reject you, that is likely an alienation that will not end well. We would like to believe that groups like GLSEN are attempting to change that reality for gay children in public institutions.

This is not the way to achieve that goal.

Heterosexual education for children shouldn’t look like this. Change the sex of the little boy in the image to a little girl, and it still is equally disturbing. It looks like something a pedophile would dream up.

That being said, we know groups like GLSEN have been the object of much hate by people who specialize in hate’s production, the Westboro Baptist Church.

That’s where the video we were sent yesterday comes from. It is completely offensive on the other side of the spectrum:

Note how they use children in their backwards message of hate. Those children, like the children GLSEN overtly sexualizes, are suffering a form of abuse at the hands of adults who are supposed to be protecting them.

Here is a fantasy: Let’s take the “adults” from Westboro Baptist Church, and the “adults” at GLSEN, and put them on a boat together. Let’s set them adrift in the middle of the ocean with enough supplies to last indefinitely, and a stipulation that if they ever try to dock anywhere in the world, they will be fired upon.

UPDATE: via Michelle MalkinGLSEN has pimped the issue of Santa Claus as well!

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One Response to The Lunatics Of Our Asylum – Westboro Baptist Church And GLSEN

  1. james on December 8, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    It’s Obama and his ilk that are trying to lessen “traumatic experience” for homo kids. Remember, they are ostracized BECAUSE they are gay.

    It is sad to see Founding Bloggers go to the left on this issue. I guess you are not above Obamacizing everything.


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