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Brown Revolution – THE SPIRIT OF 1773 | Founding Bloggers

Brown Revolution – THE SPIRIT OF 1773

January 20, 2010

Numbers fun from Mike K.


With 100% of precincts reporting:

Brown:  1,168,107
Coakley:  1,058,682

Difference:  109,425

Divide this by two to determine the number of voters who determined the election:  54,712.5

Divide this by 308,512,000 – the current estimated population of The United States (per Wikipedia) – and multiply by 100 to calculate the percent of the US Population who elected Scott Brown:


Rounded to the nearest one-hundred thousandth of a percent:  .01773%

Boston Tea Party:  December 16, 1773


And a cautionary poem from the same author:


On the precipice,
sweet accidents

have saved us
more than once;

and this, again,
the case has been,

thank Heavens!

One trillion Amens
for us.

We have kicked the can
just enough
to take a breath.

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