Forget The A-Bomb. Iran Just Dropped The N-Bomb On Obama!

January 25, 2010

Clearly there aren’t many black people living in Iran. If there were, they would know better than to use the word nig*er in describing President Obama.

Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani dropped the n-word while attacking Barack Obama at a meeting with engineers.


Regular readers of this blog know we are not President Obama’s biggest fans, but he certainly doesn’t deserve to have a racial epithet hurled at him, especially by one of the most bigoted theocratic regimes in the history of the world.

This is how they treat people reaching out the hand of friendship? How do you think they will treat their “enemies”?

We wonder what Code Pink has to say about this? Do they still defend the regime now that they are calling their savior a nig*er?

If the prospect of Iran getting the A-bomb doesn’t anger this administration, or their constant threats to wipe Israel off the map, perhaps their use of the N-bomb will trigger some much needed and long overdue outrage from Mr. Cool.

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One Response to Forget The A-Bomb. Iran Just Dropped The N-Bomb On Obama!

  1. Spud on January 25, 2010 at 11:33 am

    The irony here is wasn’t Obama himself racist against that police officer a while back who was just doing his duty? If I remember right he never apologized at all- and the woman never recived an apology later when it turned out no she didn’t say ‘black men breaking into a house’.

    I’m not saying I defend what the shmuck called Obama, far from it.

    But I really doubt this will ruffle mr drool’s feathers at all.


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