The Immoral Results Of America’s Endless Progressive Drug Wars

April 27, 2010

Two items have surfaced in the past couple of weeks which warrant observation.

First, Illinois lawmakers are calling for the National Guard to patrol Chicago’s blood soaked gangland drug turf.

Second, Arizona is trying to cope with the influx of Mexicans escaping the drug-war killing fields south of the border, having enacted a new immigration law.

Neither of these two developments would be necessary if not for the draconian and endless quagmire known as the War On Drugs.

Let’s examine the absurdity of both these situations. Chicago, like many other cities, is waging a violent bloody war against drug dealing gangs who are only empowered by the black market for illegal drugs. Unfortunately, in the progressive moral universe, it is okay to launch and wage a decades long slaughter on your streets while refusing to let innocent people arm themselves. The end result, so many corpses piling up that the National Guard has to be called in.

In the second item, a horrible immorality is on display that transcends the typical debate over illegal immigration, as the United States blocks access to innocent victims of the drug war who are simply attempting to flee the war zone. Essentially, we are helping wage war in a neighboring country, yet refusing entry to people attempting to flee the battleground. That’s not about racism as the left disingenuously claims, or about rule of law as the right claims. It’s about stupidity.

In either case, ending the war on drugs would eliminate the bloodbath in both Chicago, and Mexico. No drug war, no need to call in the National Guard. No drug war, no refugees fleeing across the border.

Sadly, there is no sign of common sense emerging in either situation. Chicago Mayor for life Richard Daley is suggesting that the answer to Chicago’s woes can be found in even more gun laws. Again, what an immoral and uniquely progressive solution. Progressive drug war turns the city into a death trap, and Progressive gun control laws render the innocent residents defenseless. What was that definition of insanity again? Something about repeating the same behavior while expecting different results?

And in the case of Arizona, the government is just looking to label the state as racist, rather than deal with why there are people streaming over the border in the first place.

Is this what Hope, Change and Progress looks like?

One Response to The Immoral Results Of America’s Endless Progressive Drug Wars

  1. razor on April 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    i agree that the war on drugs is a mess, but to suggest that we wouldn’t have people fleeing mexico if the war on drugs didn’t exist is ignorant. many illegals are in this country peacefully, working hard to provide for their family back in mexico. peaceful or not, i think they need to go back home and come back using the proper channels… but ending the war on drugs doesn’t change that.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”