President “Tea Bagger” Owes Grandma An Apology

May 5, 2010

Just so we understand the ground rules here:  1) calling a Progressive Democrat a Socialist is bad;  2) Calling “Tea Party” protesters “Tea Baggers” is A-OKAY.

We seem to remember when the Left went apoplectic over imaginary suggestions that they were unpatriotic for being “against the war” during the Bush administration. We seem to recall President Obama complaining about being called a Socialist (why do Democrats find Socialist to be such a dirty word? What is it about being a Socialist that they should universally shrink away from the title?).

You couldn’t ask for a more textbook definition of hypocrisy.

It is perversely amusing, though, watching Media Matters defend President “Tea-Bagger” for referring to average Americans, whose only crime is to reject Socialism, with a sexually offensive slur.

For a reminder, here are some shots of some U.S. citizens, who, in the Media Matters universe, should be referred to by the President of the United States as people who take testicles into their mouths.


teabag earings



As we have written previously:

Democrats who play this game of ridiculing and vilifying regular everyday Americans must be crazy. They are in the election business, which means trying to attract votes. They seem to be going out of their way to malign everyday Americans, and the people who identify with them, like say, their loved ones.

Hey, Eric Bholert, do you have any daughters? Or a grandmother? Would you like them to be referred to by elected officials as people who put testicles into their mouths? Do you really think it’s appropriate for any elected official to refer to anyone that way?

4 Responses to President “Tea Bagger” Owes Grandma An Apology

  1. Linda on May 6, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Nice article. This also appeared with the same pictures on The girl in the brown jacket is my daughter from Chicago’s April 15, 2009 tea party. It’s too bad our President has to use a vulgar term to describe the patriotic Americans who want to voice their concerns, especially when children are also participating with their parents

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  3. suzette benton on May 10, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    democrat can say the f word and they think its cute . call tea party words because they are scared of us because we have brains.i use to vote dem. put the blue dogs are gone .

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