How’s That Gun Control Working Out For You Chicago? Pt. 2

May 25, 2010

This morning, we wrote about the high number of shootings in Chicago over the previous 2 evenings (15 people).

This afternoon, 3 more corpses were add to the ‘gun violence’ body count.

Three men were killed this afternoon in an apparent gang- and drug-related shooting in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, authorities said. [LINK]

In reality these ‘gun violence’ deaths are drug war deaths. The gangs can only afford guns because of the black market profit on illegal substances. They shoot at each other as they battle to expand and control their drug territory.  Take that cash flow out of the equation and the gangs would largely collapse. Without the black market to fight over, they will have far less reason to murder each other.

It is getting very hard to for anyone to continue arguing that the unintended consequences of America’s drug war policy are better than the potential consequences of an America with a demilitarized drug policy. Legal drug use (like alcohol) might damage and destroy lives (like alcohol), but this war irrefutably hasn’t avoided that outcome.

In Chicago the bodies keep piling up, but it is mostly in minority neighborhoods so people don’t appear to notice. That trend might be changing though now that at least one of the many shootings took place in the wealthy Lincoln Park neighborhood.

An 19-year-old man was critically wounded late Monday night in what Chicago police say was an apparent gang-related shooting in the North Side’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. [LINK]

If the goal is to end gun and gang violence, then end the war on drugs. Sadly there are too many interests aligned to keep the war going no matter how many corpses it churns out. Think law enforcement, prison, and rehabilitation industries, the legal profession, the political class, the race-baiters posing as preachers, etc…

2 Responses to How’s That Gun Control Working Out For You Chicago? Pt. 2

  1. Darwin on May 31, 2010 at 12:42 am

    Chicago’s bigger problem is the gun ban that prevents law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Granted, your point about the drug wars is valid, but I can’t get all that worked up about drug dealing gang members killing EACH OTHER.

  2. Founding Blogger on June 1, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    Thanks for commenting Darwin. I fear though, you have missed the better part of the point.

    It is exactly that gang violence that city elders use to demand that all guns be illegal.

    End the gang violence by ending the drug war, and there will be very little reasonable justification for a gun ban.


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