The Federal Response To The BP Oil Spill Is Not Obama’s Fault

May 4, 2010

This might run counter to the developing narrative, but the Federal response to the recent BP oil spill is not President Obama’s fault. Just like the dysfunctional response of Louisiana to the disaster in New Orleans was not George Bush’s fault, the real culprit here is government in general.

The delayed usefulness of the Federal government just happens to be on full display right now, much more so than Katrina, because this disaster is taking place at sea where there is no incompetent and corrupt local/state government to prevent the appropriate aid – as was the case for Bush in Katrina.

No, ladies and gentlemen, the government’s poor response to the disaster is not President Obama’s Fault. Government is slow and stupid and doesn’t learn from its mistakes. Get used to it. Our disappointment  is our own fault for expecting anything more.

Sure, the Federal Government  should have done more to mitigate this disaster, but some truths are universal no matter what president is in control. Governments suck. In fact, that is the premise of most people’s objection to the recent mega-growth in government.

People should cease expecting competence from their local, state, and federal governments, and realize government is a necessary evil which should be minimized to whatever degree possible.

On the other hand, let’s put this incompetent government in control of our health care. What could go wrong?

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