Gateway Pundit V. Adam Horowitz

June 20, 2010

Jim Hoft was asked to offer his take on President Obama’s response to the Hamas Flotilla. His essay runs counter to a pro-Hamas Flotilla perspective on the issue.

Obama defends jihad and hurls stun grenades at U.S.-Israel relations

by Jim Hoft

Do you remember when Jesse Jackson said that under Obama Jews would lose all of their clout?

He was right.  In truth, Jews will be lucky if they only lose their clout during the Obama years.

Read the whole thing.

Here is what the pro-Hamas Flotilla writer had to say:

Weak response a reminder that Obama hasn’t changed Israeli-Palestinian policy for better

by Adam Horowitz

For many, the Obama administration’s response to the recent Israeli attack on the flotilla bringing humanitarian supplies, and political attention, to the besieged Gaza Strip only confirms what they have come to fear in the past year: Not much has changed in U.S. foreign policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the George W. Bush administration. Although President Barack Obama raised many hopes a year ago with his landmark speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, his administration’s apparent unwillingness to apply meaningful pressure on Israel shows the status quo remains.

How conveniently this ignores the close ties President Obama has to the community organizers behind the Hamas Flotilla. Adam Horowitz must not be satisfied with wink-nod permissiveness the Obama administration currently offers their Alinsky comrades. We would suggest Adam be patient. It’s only a matter of time before President Obama either extracts an agreement from Israel wherein they agree to commit national suicide, or more overtly supports his Marxist friends actions against the Jews.


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