Non-Violent Rioting In Toronto: A Brief Round-Up

June 29, 2010

Below is a brief roundup of some of the Progressive-Marxist non-violent rioting that took place over the weekend in Toronto.

Progressive-Marxists hate the G20, and have declared it illegitimate.

g8g20 poster

The actions started with a raid on the University of Toronto campus, where “street weapons” were found, as were the black ‘uniforms’ of the Anarchy faction of the Progressive movement known as the “Black Bloc”.

More than 600 arrests as G20 protests swell

The day had begun with a raid during which security forces made 70 arrests at the University of Toronto campus in the early-morning hours. The Integrated Security Unit said they seized a “cache of weapons” including bricks and other “street weapons” as well as black clothing.

Here is another account of the University of Toronto’s role in the violence:

Student Union Provides Housing For Out Of Town Anarchists

Toronto Police raided the building and took about 70 people into custody.

“We’ve seized bottles with unknown substances inside, we’ve seized black clothing, bricks, sharpened sticks, items that you definitely do not need to spend any time in Toronto,” Constable Rob MacDonald said.

That’s the same type of weapons and clothing that violent protesters used in the downtown core.

Here is some footage of the Progressive Anarchists smashing a car with bricks:

The Toronto police have announced that they found weapons stashed along protest routes. They said they will be displaying them soon.

Here is a video of the Progressive Anarchists setting fires, rioting, and destroying property.

Here is a rather sympathetic video report from Russia Today about the violent tactics of the Progressive-Marxist rioters:

From Seattle, to St. Paul, to Toronto, the Progressive Left has their very own Black Bloc of violent rioters, yet the Conservative Tea Party movement is the threat to peace and security?

3 Responses to Non-Violent Rioting In Toronto: A Brief Round-Up

  1. james on June 30, 2010 at 6:43 am

    When these jokers grow up (if ever) they will finally see how world corporations HELP citizens suceed!

  2. TerryN on July 1, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Did the CBC compare them to American Tea Partiers?

  3. Shastamagic on July 2, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    These fools don’t even know what they are protesting! Sort of like when the teachers and students in Berkeley CA were protesting at the same protest……..against each other, but in their minds, they were protesting a mythical destroyer of public education. One side wanted higher paychecks and one side lower tuition. The only time we will see true meaningful protest by informed younger citizens is when the draft is reinstated. Until then, all the protests are just for fun and a chance to be destructive!


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”