President Obama’s First Boss (VIDEO)

June 18, 2010

Gateway Pundit recently posted something related to President Obama’s former co-professors at the University of Chicago.

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Well, Obama got the last laugh there because he is the President, but it reminded us of this video we unearthed some time back, of Barack Obama’s first boss in the community organizing world, Greg Galluzzo.

Mr. Galluzzo appears to take a bitter swipe at the newly elected President Barack Obama starting at :55 seconds

“An organization is created and great hope arises. and the people in the community say oh my god we are on a journey someplace. And then the organizer goes off to law school and the organization hits a train…becomes a train wreck. And collapses so.. Thousands of organizations were created, created tremendous hope and expectations in the hearts and minds of people, and then it’s all dashed. In fact the organization becomes nothing more than a plaything, a tool, a stepping stone for a person on their path to the presidency of the United States, or to a foundation, or to law school. And uh, so, the people’s hopes are dashed, People’s expectations are dashed. So that makes me angry.”

That would sound very bad in a letter of reference.

3 Responses to President Obama’s First Boss (VIDEO)

  1. mcnorman on June 18, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Somehow, I don’t believe that POTUS would ever use Mr. Galluzzo as a reference for anything. He was afterall just another stepping stone.

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