Tribune Corp Runs Interference For Hamas – Reminds Readers Of Hamas Social Work

June 23, 2010

Chicago Breaking News is reporting that the Illinois State Police failed to perform background checks on individuals receiving training as volunteer chaplains.

State police said they discovered after all seven volunteers completed the training that detailed background checks had not been performed.

Turns out one of the trainees, Sheikh Mustapha, was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, a fact pointed out to the Illinois State Police by Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

In the Holy Land Foundation case, the founders were sentenced to 6 1/2 decades in jail for raising money for Hamas. Reportedly, Sheikh Mustapha was their Chicago rainmaker.

In their reporting on this story, Tribune Corp goes out of its way run interference for the terrorist organization, Hamas.

The foundation’s two founding members were sentenced last year to 65 years in prison each for funneling millions of dollars to Hamas, a militant Palestinian group that the U.S. has labeled terrorist but also does social work. Mustapha raised money for the group in Chicago.

Yeah sure, Hamas openly declares their Jihad to kill all of the Jews. And okay, they did take over the Gaza Strip in an extremely bloody wave of violence, declaring an Islamic state with the mission of destroying the Jewish state. But they aren’t all bad. They also do some social work and community organizing.

Why would mainstream media outlets like Tribune corp offer an alternative narrative on an openly homicidal Jihad terror organization? They are probably just making a down payment on the safety and access of Tribune stringers delivering valuable on the scene reports and images of Hamas actions against the Jews. Put another way, cash strapped Tribune corp profits off of the distribution of this dramatic content. In that sense, corporate media giants like Tribune and Reuters and AP are war profiteers who depend on access to jihad war zones.

Interestingly, this piece ran the same day the Supreme Court ruled that you cannot differentiate between the terrorist arm of a Jihad organization and its so called humanitarian components, a decision sure to disappoint the mainstream Progressive Democrats who are behind the recent pro-Hamas actions against Israel.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”