9/12 Tea Partiers Reject Obama-As-Hitler Comparison

September 24, 2010

While on location in Washington, DC for the 9/12 Tea Party, we came across a couple of people displaying large signs depicting President Obama as Hitler.

The signs were the handiwork of repeated Democrat Presidential candidate – and well known Leftist convict – Lyndon LaRouche.

The Tea Partiers responded angrily, vocally rejecting the LaRouche-Obama-Hitler brigade.

When Think Progress and others on the Progressive Left attribute these ‘Obama as Hitler’ signs to the Tea Party, they are being dishonest. As you can see in the video above, the LaRouchBots themselves proudly boast that they are not with the Tea Party.

Say what you will about Obama being a Marxist, or more specifically a “Democratic Socialist”, that does not mean he is genocidal. There is indeed a freighting overlap between Marxism and genocidal maniacs around the globe, but President Obama is not a murderer. The Democratic Socialist policies of the Progressive Left might cause many people to die in war and famine and disease, but Obama doesn’t strike many sane people as looking to shove corpses into ovens. The comparison to Hitler is both offensive and inaccurate.

But we don’t have to tell Tea Partiers that. They already know better. Political operatives on the Left though…..that’s another story.

Mainstream Progressive Democrats have no problem depicting Americans as Hitler.

UPDATE: Here is another video showing these LaRoucheBots being removed from the area at the request of Tea Party organizers.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”