Local Media Coverage Of Breitbart At Right Nation 2010

September 22, 2010

It is interesting to read and watch how Chicago’s local media covered the topic of the OFA-SEIU protesters being confronted by Andrew Breitbart at Right Nation 2010.

From ABC 7:

The event also drew a sizeable anti-Beck crowd. At one point, protestors clashed with conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, though the confrontation did not escalate beyond words.

Earlier in the day, 150 protestors gathered near the entrance.

“We feel he’s spreading a lot of hate and paranoia and fear, and it’s not the basic tenets of our faith,” said Beck protestor Rev. C.J. Hawking.

Organizers of Right Nation 2010 say it was Beck’s first Chicago area speaking appearance.

From Tribune Corp’s Chicago Breaking News:

Not invited to the party, a group of local religious leaders held a rally of their own in the parking lot before the event.

Cordoned off by yellow police tape, hundreds of protestors stood in a dull drizzle, carrying signs and chanting behind a squawking megaphone, urging Beck to leave the state and urging attendees to reconsider their ticket purchase.

“I can’t believe people paid money to come here,” said Kerrie Rosenthal, 50, of Palatine, who came with several friends to protest the event. “Maybe people will stop and think, ‘I’m coming into something hateful.’”

The protest was organized by Rev. C.J. Hawking, executive director of Arise Chicago.

“There are a lot of religious leaders in the Chicago area who are beginning to feel Mr. Beck and others are hijacking Christianity,” she said. “They are being divisive and filling people with fear and paranoia. I think the mainstream of American people don’t want to have hate in the debate.”

Converts were hard to come by as the large crowd filtered into the arena. The biggest reaction came from muckraking blogger Breitbart, who engaged in an emotional, high-decibel debate with the protesters.

“There are 300 of these people and there’s just one person asking questions,” Breitbart said. “I’m challenging these people. They’re the haters.”

NBC filmed the confrontation, but did not report on it.

Not one major outlet scratched below the surface of the origin of the protesters. For that you have to look to the new media.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”