Senator Durbin Derides Tea Party: “Witches and Wingnuts”

September 27, 2010

Senator Dick Durbin sent out a spam email fundraising appeal with the following headline: “Witches and wingnuts”

The senator goes on to set a very low bar for political discourse:

After a month on the road, this is what I have learned: The so-called “tea party” may have taken over the Republican Party, but we cannot stand by and watch their extreme brand of politics take over Congress.

Across Illinois and across America, millions of voters are ready to hear a call to gather and fight the witches and wingnuts who worship Sarah Palin, stand in awe of Glenn Beck, and arrogantly profess to speak for our future.

Thanks for helping President Obama change the tone in Washington, Senator Durbin, from a climate of personal attacks to a climate of even more personal attacks.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”