Dick Durbin Labels All Tea Partiers “Extremist”

October 23, 2010

Why is it that the Democrats are so careful not to speak in sweeping generalizations about Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, etc… but when it comes to Conservatives and/or Tea Partiers, Democrats know zero boundaries in their hate speech.

From a recent Dick Durbin fund-raising letter:

Harry Reid has been such a stalwart fighter for our progressive agenda in the Senate, and now he needs our help — so we’re making Harry the third of five candidates who I’m asking you to support with a $30 contribution before Election Day.

Will you contribute $30 to Harry’s campaign today — so he can win in November?

Harry is facing a tough re-election campaign this year against a right-wing opponent, Sharron Angle, who just raised $14 million from “tea party” extremists all across the country.

Also, you have to love the quotes around Tea Party! Just like how Reuters refers to “Terrorists” or how Durbin could be referred to as a “Man”.

Side note: “Senator” Durbin sent out this spam appeal for “Senator” Reid because Republican challenger Sharron Angle raised $14 Million in the last quarter, and they are panicking!


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”