Fox News Chicago Sanitizes Racist, Bigot, Homophobe

October 27, 2010

And these people call themselves “real” reporters.

A few days ago, Illinois State Senator, Rickey Hendon, was introducing Progressive-Democrat Governor Pat Quinn. In doing so, the Senator let loose a racist, bigoted, homophobic tirade against Quinn’s Republican challenger, Bill Brady. Here is the quote:

“Let me tell you a couple things. I’ve served with Bill Brady. I’ve never served with such an idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic person in my life,” Hendon told the crowd. “If you think that the minimum wage needs to be $3 an hour, vote for Bill Brady. If you think that women have no rights whatsoever except to have his children, vote for Bill Brady. If you think gay and lesbian people need to be locked up and shot in the head, vote for Bill Brady.”

Now here is how Fox News Chicago whitewashed the ugliness on display at this oh so progressive rally. They edited out the worst of the language to protect the guilty:

Perhaps they were embarrassed that President Obama’s life long mentor, Danny Davis was the MC for this racist bigoted homophobic event.


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