Identified: Right Nation Protester Who Called Andrew Breitbart ‘Gay’ Is A Democrat Party Official

October 25, 2010

During last month’s Right Nation gathering just outside of Chicago, Andrew Breitbart found himself confronting a group of angry protesters who had been bussed in by the Democratic Party. Full coverage of that epic protest failure can be found here.

At one point a protester wearing an orange rain parka can be heard casting what she seemed to think was a homophobic aspersion about Breitbart, exclaiming,  “I think he’s gay!”

This person has now been identified by multiple sources as a local Democratic Party official named Sue Walton.

We spoke with Sue Walton by phone to tell her that she had been identified, and to offer her a chance to comment and/or deny that she attended the protest, and/or to deny the accuracy of the quote attributed to her. Walton declined our offer, twice.

So far, Democrat response to this very public outburst has been mute.

Democrat candidate for Congress Dan Seals proudly lists Sue Walton’s endorsement on his campaign website. Multiple requests for comment from the Dan Seals campaign went unanswered, and thus far, the Seals campaign has not removed her endorsement.

What is the Democratic Party going to do about one of it’s own leveling what she considers a homophobic slur at a perceived political adversary?

What would the Democratic Party and mainstream media standard be if a conservative had done the same against a liberal?

UPDATE: Gay Patriot makes this important point.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”