Israel Holds A Tea Party!

October 31, 2010

And you can taste the bitterness toward the American Tea Party movement in this article from the Jerusalem Post:

‘Israel Tea Party’ holds inaugural event in Tel Aviv

The event also lacked the Obama as the Joker/Karl Marx/witchdoctor posters commonly seen at such events in the United States. In fact, while there were many signs saying “say no to Obama!” in Hebrew, English, and Russian (no Arabic), nary a one had the word “Hussein” on it, and there were no depictions of the former Illinois senator wearing Islamic garb. The event had an altogether quiet, middle-class Likudnik vibe to it, complete with good, but not extravagant catering and a well-behaved crowd that kept quiet during the speeches.

So what was the message of this Israeli Tea Party?

Speaking to reporters before the event, Kleiner said that the message of the Likud tea party is that “Israel is a democracy and in a democracy you don’t deny the will of the people. In Israel, the people voted against the two-state solution and the settlement freeze. Obama is not respecting our democratic elections and this is why we are saying no to him.”

Obama and the Progressive movement inspire Tea Parties around the world!

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