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Don’t Get Cocky, Indeed

October 16, 2010

Are the Tea Parties and the conservative movement setting themselves up for a deep shock if they don’t at least capture the House? Mike Huckabee just ended his talk show by playing bass guitar for a rewritten Beatles tune, Eleanor Rigby. They changed the lyrics to, “Ah, look at all the angry voters.” The...

“Pots Of Money” Discovered In Los Angeles

October 15, 2010

You may have already heard about this story of a new public school opening in Los Angeles which cost HALF A BILLION dollars to build. This at a time when teachers are being let go for lack of funds. But don’t worry about that, silly! You see, according to the principal of this shiny...

Should Media Matters Hire Rick ‘It’s The Jews’ Sanchez?

October 14, 2010

Media Matters is absolutely obsessed with Jim Hoft. Can you imagine the staff meetings MMFA holds, devising strategies to attack this lone part-time blogger in St. Louis? How much of Soros’ money has gone to pay for those meetings? Hilarious! Anyway, on to our point… Now that Media Matters is turning to Rick Sanchez...

Compare and Contrast: Our Questions For Schakowsky Vs. USA Today’s Questions For Schakowsky

October 13, 2010

We would like to thank USA Today for helping us make our point about the failure of so called “Mainstream Media” to ask tough questions of elected officials. USA Today asked Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky 10 extremely important and pressing questions that our nation must have answers to. Below are some examples of their journalism:...

Jan Schakowsky Faces Joel Pollak – Full Report

October 13, 2010

Below is our full-length report on last Sunday’s Candidates’ Forum with Democrat representative, Jan Schakowsky, and her challenger, Republican Joel Pollak. As you can see from the video, Jan Schakowsky’s campaign greets our challenging questions on Health Care, Israel, and Ms. Schakowsky’s support for the Democratic Socialists of America, with evasion, derision, and borderline...

Jan Schakowsky Forced To Defend Obamacare

October 11, 2010

The following video is a preview of our full report on the recent candidates’ forum in Illinois’ 9th congressional district between Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and her Republican challenger, Joel Pollak. After the forum concluded, the candidates mingled in the crowd and fielded questions from the attendees. Adam Sharp of took the opportunity to...

Drug Raid On Wrong House Terrorizes Elderly Couple – Sticks Them With $3000 In Damage

October 8, 2010

In a progressive world, the general population must be disarmed, but the police (who hippies used to call pigs) can storm your home with no knock or warning, threaten your life and destroy your property. Elderly couple says they were terrorized by drug raid An elderly couple says Cook County sheriff’s police on a...

Democrat Jan Schakowsky Compares Republicans To Genocidal Stormtroopers!

October 7, 2010

On October 3rd 2010, during an Illinois Democrat ‘Get Out The Vote’ pep-rally, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky defied her own party’s demand for an end to ‘Hate in the Debate’ by comparing Republicans to Stormtroopers. And the Democrat audience roared with cheers for the message. The Democrats offer nothing outside of the one-dimensional narrative that...


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