Rand Paul Should Apologize For His Thug – Thug Should Be Arrested

October 26, 2010

Granted, if this leftest wacko was lunging for Rand Paul, she was reasonably restrained from making contact with the Congressional candidate. Reasonably that is until one of Rand Paul’s thugs smashed his foot into her head/back.

Father and son Paul both seem to attract unhinged groupies who the Pauls have never distanced themselves from.

This video not enough for you? How about the fact that the Paul camp has coordinated with CodePink in the past, because they share a viral strain of 911 trutherism?

Have the Paulians ever condemned this bad craziness? We’ve never heard it.

Dump the Pauls. They are a disgrace, and should be loudly excommunicated from the Tea Party movement.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”