New Zeal: “Hezbollah in Mexico?”

November 29, 2010

Thanks to America’s puritanical and progressive war on drugs, Hezbollah is likely active along our southern border.

Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists infiltrating the U.S. with the help of pro-communist Venezuela and Mexican drug cartels.

The black market drug trade routes smuggle more than banned substances. Those routes also smuggle people. Some are regular illegal migrants fleeing the violence. Some are slave labor. And some are probably Hezbollah, carrying suitcases of who knows what.

What are you more dedicated to America? Continuing a decades long, trillion dollar, Progressive failure of a drug war, (or) fighting the war against Jihad? Because it seems like the two are becoming mutually exclusive.

Sadly, from Socialist revolutionaries, who’s movements benefit from the large pool of jailed citizens (especially minorities), to conservatives who support progressive prohibition on moral grounds, to law enforcement/prison profiteers, the consensus is in and the debate is over. War on drugs = good, even if it means providing Hezbollah a way into the country.

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