The Democratic Socialists Of America (DSA) Is Running For Mayor Of Chicago

November 11, 2010

President Obama’s political mentor, and proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Danny Davis, is going to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Rep. Danny Davis plan to formally kick off their bids for mayor this weekend, just before they are set to file their petitions to succeed Mayor Richard Daley. [LINK]

So…who will President Obama support? His former political fixer who helped deliver the stimulus bill and Obamacare, Rahm Emanuel, or one of his political mentors, Danny Davis?

Good luck with that one Rahm!

No matter how this shakes out, Chicago’s going to have one hell of a choice to make – between a political thug/fixer and an open Socialist. The future is bright!


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”