We Get The Security We Deserve

November 18, 2010

If you are upset about the Orwellian TSA screening procedures in effect in our nation’s airports, too bad.

Our country has gone back to sleep, reverting to a 9/10 military posture vis-à-vis the Jihad being waged against us infidels. How can you tell? Once again, Progressive Americans are treating terrorists as though they are simply criminals who should face justice in a civilian-criminal court of law. When Yemen sends crotch and printer bombs, we send in the FBI. This was the 9/10 (or) Progressive response to the Jihad, which made possible the events of 9/11.

Another example of our return to a 9/10 mindset can be found in our reactions to Islamists declaring Jihad against us. When Osama did it in 1996 (FROM YEMEN), the West yawned. Who was this sandman to declare war on us, we thought. Only we declare war – nobody else has that power or capacity, right? Once again, Jihad has been declared against us, now by the Muslim Brotherhood directly. The West is yawning once more.

When we briefly adopted a 9/12 posture against our Islamist enemies, they were too busy running and hiding and dying, to be planning and launching multiple attempts to blow us out of the sky. Our enemies seem to have all the time and breathing room in the world now though, inspiring the question: What ever could have changed over the past couple of years, leading to this new “normal” of repeated Yemeni-Jihad bomb plots? Oh well, we could wonder for hours and probably never put our finger on it.

If we will not directly attack our enemies with at least the same determination that they bring to bear against us, we can only be defensive and reactive. That means we have no choice but to put up with this, and undoubtedly other, intrusions on our privates.

Again, if people do not like the invasive pat downs and full body imaging, too bad. We get the security we deserve. If we are not willing to fight the fight on offense, then we deserve the humiliations of our defensive posture, and all the cavity probings that come with it.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”