The Biggest News Story Ever Missed – Exactly How Long Has The American Progressive Movement Been Working With The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization?

January 31, 2011

Mainstream media have spent decades and countless dollars promoting the myth that they are the 4th estate, keeping a watchful eye on our government.

For all their crowing about intelligence and editorial controls, they have probably missed the biggest story of this young century. That story is this:

The American and European Socialist (Progressive) movement has partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas, al Qaida, etc..) and have been organizing for change in the Middle East.

They have been working together for years, and now we are witnessing the fruits of their labors.

This raises a mixture of reactions. On one hand, it is hard to feel anything but joy at the destruction of a dictatorship. On the other hand, the Progressive movement is thoroughly Marxist and thoroughly immoral, in that there is no tactic they will not unleash on civilian populations if they feel it serves their ends.

The idea of Progressives working with terrorists to overthrow and Shariafy more of the Middle East should horrify every good American.

No matter how it shakes out, people who allegedly claim to be journalists covering American politics, European politics, or Middle East politics, are worthless except for providing uninformed observation.

Thus, the average consumer of news has no idea that the events they are witnessing are largely the product of American and European Socialists working with the very same groups that flew planes into buildings on 9/11.

How long has that relationship been operational? More than a decade? Less? These are but a couple of the questions that could be asked of Progressive leaders, if only there were a single journalist in the White House press corps who is not consumed by their interest in protecting their precious access to the Organizer-In-Chief.

One more question – Why in the hell does the Conservative movement cede community organizing to the Marxists? Can you imagine what the images out of Egypt would look like today if Conservatives had been organizing moderates, as opposed to Progressives organizing terrorists? Why should they be the ones to topple the world’s dictatorships?

If there is going to be a global movement to topple the status quo – a very worthy goal – should it be left to American Marxists and their Jihad partners, or should it be led by people with morals and an appreciation for Jeffersonian politics?

Prediction: The American Progressive movement will now begin the re-education of America. Keep your eyes open for “news” coverage of how moderate the Muslim Brotherhood is. Sure, they birthed Hamas and al Qaida, but they are better at compartmentalizing than President Clinton del Macanudo. They can blow up a bus load of Jews and/or fly planes into buildings, all while delivering humanitarian aid to the needy.

And Dr. ElBaradei argued that by upsetting the old relationship between Mr. Mubarak and the Brotherhood, the youth movement posed a new challenge to United States policy makers as well.

“For years,” he said, “the West has bought Mr. Mubarak’s demonization of the Muslim Brotherhood lock, stock and barrel, the idea that the only alternative here are these demons called the Muslim Brotherhood who are the equivalent of Al Qaeda.”


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”