What About The Toxic Entertainment Environment?

January 21, 2011

Are you following the pressing story about the most dangerous show ever to hit our airwaves? Skins is an MTV production and people are complaining that it contains graphic depictions of drug/alcohol use and sexual activity among minors.


Parents Group Petitions Congress, Attorney General to Investigate MTV for Child Pornography in ‘Skins’ Series

“While the images that are portrayed on television may be considered legal, that may not be the case for the edited footage,” Friedman said, echoing the view of the PTC in their statement. “If that actor is underage and under the age of consent, possessing that raw footage may be problematic.”

Yikes! This might really test the limits of art versus porn.

This issue ultimately needs to be seen from two different perspectives: legally and ethically. Legally, if there is no overt pornographic sex act being performed, it might be hard to find 12 people who would call this pornography. It will be interesting to learn exactly how young the actors are who are depicting sexual behavior on camera. The problem is, what constitutes sexual behavior? Kissing? Does that mean if two teenagers playing Romeo and Juliet kiss on stage during their high school play, that’s child porn?

Ethically this one is a no-brainier. Shame on MTV. The bottom line is that they are using very young people to sexually titillate minors in their audience. That is disgusting. None of these executives must have grade school or high school aged daughters.

Side Note: We wonder how many blood libeling Progressive-Democrats, who blamed the Arizona massacre on a so called “toxic political environment” created by Conservative media outlets and Sarah Palin, will now turn around and argue that this type of programming has no impact on on the young impressionable minds in its audience.

Ahhh, the irony.

Look, we like young half-naked bodies as much as most people. In fact, we enjoy full nudity too. We endorse porn, and lots of it. But not with  minors.

Hopefully there were no minors sexually abused in any of this content, so that it can be properly rated and aired accordingly. If minors were sexually abused in the filming, then MTV’s next big hit might be ‘Prison Skins’, brought to you by Dove™.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”