“Now They Work For Us”

April 11, 2011

Sure, the Chinese government throws people in jail for expressing dissent, but that doesn’t mean we can’t politically fellate them in an effort to woo their infrastructure investment dollars.

D.C. taps Daley to lead China education effort

“The purpose was to raise city of Chicago’s profile as a center of international commerce, increased tourism from China and establish Chicago as the most China-friendly city in the United States of America,” said Daley, calling the trip he made with an entourage of Chicago business leaders the “Chicago-China Friendship Initiative.” [...]

Before leaving on the nearly two-week trip that ended about 10 days ago, Daley said he hoped to explore landing a public-private partnership to create a high-speed rail line between O’Hare International Airport and downtown. No firm deal emerged, although some Chinese companies expressed interest, Daley said.

Boy, that’s one hell of a golden parachute for the former Mayor!

The commercial is coming true. Chicago will be first.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”